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[URL='https://ironcore.ots.ovh/'][ATTACH type="full" alt="header.png"]79598[/ATTACH][/URL]
[CENTER][SIZE=5]I'm thrilled to introduce something that has been years in the making: [B]Ironcore - The True Ironman Experience[/B].
This journey began as a passion project, aimed at creating a game I'd love to play myself. Over the years, it has evolved through various protocols, complete world overhauls, system updates, client tweaks, and website redesigns.
After dedicating over a thousand hours to its development, I can now proudly present Ironcore to you all.[/SIZE]
Ironcore is 100% custom-built, featuring a world inspired by the original Tibia map. There's no copied content. The game's design is led by the mastermind [URL='https://www.twitch.tv/breadward_']Breadward[/URL], who has been doing most of the mapping live on Twitch.
The game is currently free—no shop, no donations, and no locked content. We are fueled by passion, and that's how it will stay. We guarantee that we will never offer paid advantages in the game. Should the project's direction ever risk changing that commitment, I promise to maintain at least 51% ownership and shut it down without hesitation.
Ironcore is crafted for the solo player. It offers a mysterious world where the gameplay itself is the main attraction. Our core principle is that fun comes first, always.

[B]Key Points[/B]
[*][LEFT]The world is built with nostalgia in mind. And anything that could break the nostalgic feel has been added with a large amount of thought to it.[/LEFT]
[*][LEFT]Combat is fluid and fun, it is where you'll spend hundreds of hours. And it should be the main focus to create a fun game. Never will you be luring 20 monsters in a team and throwing area spells to kill them. If you're looking for that kind of experience, then there are hundreds of copies of that you can play all over the ot community.[/LEFT]
[*][LEFT]As the game is stripped of many bloated features, it remains relatively bug free. And the smoothness of the game is kept in mind at all times when adding new features.[/LEFT]
[*]The world is designed to be tough, and that's the point. You will be challenged. If you need help, ask other players.
[*]The goal is to create the perfect shell to continue developing on.
[*][LEFT]In Ironcore, you can become whatever you want. And your vocation or class will forever always be the one and only, Warrior. And it can do everything and anything.[/LEFT]
[*][LEFT]You're even gender-neutral. You can switch between any outfit if you so desire. Be Lord Peter the III the noblewoman. We're glad to have you.[/LEFT]
[*]Food matters, forget what you know about food. Bring your fishing rod to survive.
[*]Dyanmic lighting, most light sources are permanent. Grab a lamp from the sewers, or live in darkness. Your choice.
[*][LEFT]You start off naked, and collecting items are one of the main focus of the game. It feels good to find new items, even the low level ones. There are no free handouts or handholding.[/LEFT]
[*][LEFT]The respawn rate of all monsters hare pseudo-dynamic. And in most cases you'll have to explore to gain experience. Since you won't be able to farm the same monster over and over. Unless your path to is very large.[/LEFT]
[*][LEFT]Monsters has been rebalanced to fit the solo gameplay loop. You should, in theory. Be able to solo most content. Unless very specifically not designed for solo. Like a very hard quest.[/LEFT]
[*][LEFT]If you die, you lose almost nothing. You spawn in the temple with 10 hp. You lose a bit of experience and skill. No magic, and you keep your items. Dying is ok. But you will be able to see if you or someone else has died. Are you hardcore enough to never die?[/LEFT]
[*][LEFT]Storage is not limitless, you cannot hoard everything. Most of your most important items will be stored at your person. Or maybe in the future, your very costly house?[/LEFT]
[*]As Ironcore is built from the ground up with the ironman mindset. We never force any mandatory rules upon you. You are allowed to play the game in any way you seem fit. Choose your own playstyle. Or don't, play solo. And never receive help from anyone.
[*]You can play with your friends at no restrictions. But you may not share the experience of the monsters you kill with them.
[*]As Ironcore is free. We reserve ourselves the right to ban or remove anyone from the game for any reason.
[*]We have but one main rule for our players that they need to accept before creating an account. And that is, don't be a useless asshole whos fun is dependant on destroying for everyone else.

[B]Other generic server information[/B]
[*][B]Exp:[/B] 1x
[*][B]Magic:[/B] 1x
[*][B]Skill:[/B] 1x
[*][B]Loot:[/B] 1x
[*][B]Client Protocol[/B]: Customized based 8.0, you will feel like you're playing 7.1.
[*][B]PVP[/B]: Not yet (future plans to have specific area where PVP is activated and hunting is encouraged, think Runescape wilderness).
[*][B]Death penalty[/B]: Small amounts of exp and skill, you spawn in temple, you lose all food in your belly and your HP is set to 10
[*][B]Respawn:[/B] Psuedo-dynamic
[*][B]Houses[/B]: Soon
[*][B]Guilds[/B]: Not yet
[*][B]Spells[/B]: Soon
[*][B]Runes[/B]: Never
[*][B]Developers[/B]: Breadward and Siz
[*][B]Host[/B]: For free, by [URL='https://otshosting.pl/']https://otshosting.pl[/URL] server located in France
[*][B][URL='https://www.twitch.tv/breadward_'][B]Breadward Twitch[/B][/URL][/B]
[SIZE=7]Ironcore is set to launch on [B]November 4th, 2023. At 20:00 CET[/B] (Central European Time).
[URL='https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20231104T20&p0=239&msg=Ironcore+Launch&font=cursive&csz=1']Countdown timer[/URL][/SIZE][/CENTER]

Screenshot from the final moments of the test server that had a 1500 hours uptime without server saves. It concluded on the 28th of October.

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