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2 years ago
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QUICK CLEANUP (From: Rails Reason: Unknown)
-- 2022-12-23 05:07:14 +0000
(t +   0s) check_device_on_adb started
(t +   0s) check_frozen started
(t +   2s) ensure_correct_boot_mode started
(t +   4s) get_device_model started
(t +   4s) Automate only steps
(t +   4s) stop_video started
(t +   4s) stop_android_watcher
(t +   4s) stop_talkback
(t +   4s) stop_performance_statistics_service started
(t +   6s) upload_google_login_screenshot started
(t +   6s) check_statusbar started
(t +   6s) stop_mitm started
(t +   6s) network_usage_tracker started
(t +   6s)     $BROWSER_ONLY:
(t +   6s) internet_unstable started
(t +   6s) starting call logs cleanup
(t +   8s) vpn_app_crash started
(t +   8s) APP_INTERNET_VIA_USB_FILE started
(t +   8s) adb_pull_full_cleanup_file started
(t +   8s) log_trichromelibrary started
(t +   9s) Reseting proxy + other stuff
(t +   9s) apk_installed,popup_handler_installed started
(t +   9s) internet check started
(t +   9s)     /sdcard/status nonexistent or contains an error
(t +   9s) skip_overlay started
(t +   9s) orientation started
(t +   9s) Waiting for browser_reset_pid stop_video_pid
(t +  10s) ensure_home_screen_focused started
(t +  10s) tell_rails_that_the_cleanup_is_done started
(t +  10s) -- END CLEANUP --
QUICK CLEANUP (From: Rails Reason: Unknown)
-- 2022-12-23 05:18:07 +0000
(t +   0s) cleanup started
(t +   0s)     $FULL_CLEANUP:  false
(t +   0s)     $FACTORY_RESET:
(t +   0s)     $RETRY_CLEANUP: false
(t + 0s) check_device_stability started R3CR20NA9ED
(t +  14s) Executing PreCleanup Steps
(t + 0s) handle_and_upload_logs started R3CR20NA9ED automate
(t + 0s) Enabling animations
(t + 0s) Disconnecting call
(t + 0s) remove sim-card popups (if any)
(t + 0s) Stopping performance statistics service
(t + 0s) Enabling play store
(t + 0s) Cleaning network simulation
(t + 0s) Stop mocking properties
(t +  44s)     $BROWSER_ONLY:
(t +  51s) checking dissallowed apps
(t +  56s)     No visited apps, doing just browser reset
(t +  78s) Reseting proxy + other stuff
(t +  88s) Install apps check
(t + 100s)       Uninstalling pre installed blocked app:
(t + 101s) Ensuring gnirehtet popup is handled
(t + 108s) starting call logs cleanup
(t + 111s) Cleaning up injected mock camera image
(t + 113s) Cleaning up for audio injection
(t + 115s) Checking/cleaning media
(t + 119s) Checking for unknown apps left on device
(t + 122s) /sdcard/status internet check
(t + 125s) final cleanup steps
(t + 132s) Disable Predictive Text
(t + 169s) Cleaning dark mode
(t + 195s) Preload contacts
(t + 195s)    Granting permission to:
(t + 196s)    Permission grant done:
(t + 196s)    Pushing vcf file to DEVICE:[R3CR20NA9ED]
(t + 196s)    VCF file push complete DEVICE:[R3CR20NA9ED]
(t + 196s)    Launching activity:
(t + 196s)    Launching activity done:
(t + 198s) Executing PostCleanup Steps
(t + 0s) Started R3CR20NA9ED quick_cleanup selenium
(t + 0s) Push cleanup stats to zombie started
(t + 204s) -- END CLEANUP --