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Food Shop
Rainbow Cybunny Negg
Illusen Negg
Christmas Pattern Negg
Black Currant Juice
Green Picnic Hamper
Purple Picnic Hamper
Blue Picnic Hamper
Red Picnic Hamper
Candy Floss Carrot
Polka Carrot
Rainbow Carrot
Puzzle Fruit
Chain of Onions
Onion and Mustard Pie
Big Gulp Neocola
Diet Big Gulp Neocola
Chocolate Coated Blue Cheese
Chocolate Coated Cheese Strings
BLT Croissant
Egg and Tomato Sandwich
Mega Sandwich
Mighty Steakwich
Borovan Layered Cake
Cheesy Chocoshake
Cheesy Chokato Pie
Borovan Hot Chocolate Bomb
Golden Caviar
Puntec Cupcake
Fun Icy Cheese Pop
Invisible Cookie
Chokato Toffee Apple
Happy Anniversary Negg
Blue Cybunny Negg
Mega Pipper Sandwich
Upside Down Ice Cream
Container of Purple Liquid
Mutated Negg
Purple Potato Aperitif
Kadoatie Biscuits
Bag of Peanuts
Sausage Gravy

Chocolate Factory

Deluxe Strawberry Toffee Chokato
Marshmallow Plumpy
Chocolate Crown of the Faeries
Chocolate Crown of Sinsi
Chocolate Moltenore
Candy Cane Chocolate Advent Calendar
Holiday Bell Chocolate Advent Calendar
Snowflake Chocolate Advent Calendar
Chocolate Advent Calendar
Fishy Delight Grarrl Gobstopper
Sniddberry Meerca Gobstopper
Omnipotent Onion Grarrl Gobstopper
Double Chocolate Jelly Beans
ErgyFruit Jelly Beans
Caramel and Custard Drops
Yummy Drops
Super Spicy Jelly Beans
Chocolate Blossom
Chocolate Dr Sloth
Apple Moquot Lollypop
Orange Scoach Lolly
Orange Lightmite Lollypop
Spooky Flying Doughnut
Hazelnut Whirl
Creamy Choccywhip
Chocolate Ruki Kit
Sugar Tonu Skull
Chocolate Peach
Chocolate Cybunny Negg

Blackberry Eyrie Cookie
Minty Eyrie Cookie
Cinnamon Eyrie Cookie
Chocolate Chip Eyrie Cookie
Chocolate Cream Biscuit
Meepit Muffins
Chia Cake
Stack It High Cake
Chokato Deluxe Aisha Cake
Blueberry Deluxe Cake
Double Cream Vanilla Sponge
Triple Choco-Strawberry Cake
Gra.pefruit Cake
Dargil Meat Mince Pie
Frosted Babaa Cookies
Gooseberry Crepe
Buttered Juppie Waffle
Chocolate Chip Quiggle Cookie
Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
Irate Zafara Claw
Scamander Cookies
Kacheek Fruit Salad Sandwich
Kacheek Baby Cabbage Sandwiches
Vionanna Mince Pie
Chocolate Stuffed Pastry
Fyora Cookies
Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Red PaintBrush Cookie
Blue PaintBrush Cookie
Lime Chomby Cake
Borovan Cupcake
Haiku Dessert
Hostile Quiche
Cranky Croissant
Bluepepper Muffin
Doglefox Bread Creature
Sugar Nerkmid Biscuit
Explosive New Year Cake

Hubert's Hot Dogs
Diamond Hot Dog
Mecha Hot Dog
Linked Hot Dogs
Punk Rocker Hot Dog
Well-Aged Hot Dog
Mini Baby Hot Dogs
Burning Hot Dog
Big Beefy Hot Dog
Natural Hot Dog
Stealthy Hot Dog
Salt Water Hot Dog
Hot Dog with Everything
Peanut Butter and Jelly Hot Dog

Happy Birthday Pizza
Peachy Pizza
Pirate Pizza
Whole Steak and Egg Pizza
Whole Cheeseburger Pizza

Spooky Foods
Halloween Candy Cane
Coco Pumpkin
Wing of Korbat
Crunchy Snotball
Runny Snot
Cadaverous Cola
Jelly Finger
Pumpkin Scoopings
Jelly Spider Eyeball
Snorkle Pudding
Meerca Pie
Mouldy Cheese
Parts on a Pizza
Apple Lantern
Pink Apple Lantern
Ghost Puff
Elderly Apple
Grundo Toe Lint
Spoooky Muffin
Poison Apples

The Tropical Food Shop
Fiery Doughnutfruit
Sponge Doughnutfruit
Yellow Doughnutfruit
Golden Doughnutfruit
Green Doughnutfruit
Icy Doughnutfruit
Fish Doughnutfruit
Blue Doughnutfruit
Purple Doughnutfruit
Silver Doughnutfruit
Checkered Doughnutfruit
Rainbow Doughnutfruit
Ugly Pinanna, Evil Pinanna, Pinanna Plus, and Strange Pinanna
Pink Chokato
Bubbling Kraku Thickshake
Vein Cabbage
Green Chyrsaberry
Purple Juppie Slurpbowl
Strong Berry
Fresh Lobster Tail
Strawberry Salmon
Fruity Swirl Souffle
Roe Sushi

Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop
Angelic Ice Lolly
Hamarama Ice Lolly
Maractite Ice Lolly
Magical Asparagus Chia Pop
Magical Grape Chia Pop
Magical Apple Chia Pop
Magical Peach Chia Pop
Magical Pear Chia Pop
Magical Gooseberry Chia Pop
Magical Tomato Chia Pop
Magical Pepper Chia Pop
Magical Agueena Chia Pop
Magical Pineapple Chia Pop
Magical Avocado Chia Pop
Magical Durian Chia Pop
Magical Ummagine Chia Pop
Magical Orange Chia Pop
Magical Thornberry Chia Pop
Magical Carrot Chia Pop
Magical Chokato Chia Pop
Magical Lime Chia Pop
Magical Blueberry Chia Pop
Magical Aubergine Chia Pop
Magical Plum Chia Pop
Tartan Chia Pop
Banana Split Chia Pop
Magical Coconut Chia Pop
Magical Lemon Chia Pop
Magical Onion Chia Pop
Magical Strawberry Chia Pop
Magical Juppie Swirl Chia Pop
Crystal Turkey
Frozen Negg
Crystal Taco

Health Food
Broccoli with Sprinkles
Four Layer Carrot Cake
Cheesy Carrots
Cheesy Asparagus
Artichoke Fondue
Artichoke and Onion Surprise
Artichoke Cupcake
Pickled Cauliflower
Cauliflower Shake
Cauliflower Lolly
Cauliflower Soup
French Onion Soup
Souper Bowl
Radish and Cheese
Luxury Cabbage Cake
Asparagus Ball.s
Broccoli and Mustard Sandwich
Tomato Kebab
Cone-Shaped Cherry
Cone-Shaped Lemon
Cone-Shaped Orange
Fresh Sushi Cone
Fresh Sushi Roll
Baked Apple with Snowberries
Broccoli Kebab

Faerie Foods
Ultra Nova Pop
Fyora Apple
Grey Faerie Mushroom
Space Faerie Mushroom
Faerie Sparklecake
Faerie Dreamwich
Faerie Fruit Salad
Faerie Chocodrop
Bacon Belly Buster
Fire Faerie Red Pepper
Deluxe Fyora Day Cake
Faerie Block Mallows
Sugar Coated Leaf
Dark Nova Pop
Light Faerie Mushroom
Soup Faerie Mushroom
Fire Faerie Mushroom
Dark Faerie Mushroom
Earth Faerie Mushroom
Water Faerie Mushroom

Grooming Parlour
Dung Derived Lipstick
Fire Faerie Hair Brush
Glyme Perfume
Aromatic Candle
Wibreth Comb
Dark Faerie Hair Brush

Rose Brush
Leafy Tissues
Tooth Faerie Toothpaste

Transparaberry Slushie
Freshly Cut Grass Slushie
Cheeseburger Slushie
Magical Red Starry Slushie
Cherry Lemonade Slushie
Pan Galactic Gargle Slushie
Peanut and Chocolate Slushie
Tiger Orange Slushie
Tar Slushie
Creme Brulee Slushie
Berry Blend Slushie
Lemon Slushie
Aubergine Slushie
Starry Slushie
Green Tea Slushie
Casera Slushie

Booktastic Books
Games on Kreludor
Space Station Schematics
It Came From the Mine
The Space Ace
Kreludan Cookie Cookbook
The Big Book of Intermediate Evil Plots
Secrets of the Universe
Kreludan Architecture
Diary of a Baby Space Fungus

Post Office
Battle Slices Stamp
Shenkuu Stamp
Queen Fyora Stamp
Snowbunny Stamp
King Kelpbeard Stamp
Captain Scarblade Stamp
The Great Battle Stamp
Darigan Spectre Stamp
King Altador Stampimg src
Scuzzy Stamp
The Three Stamp
Terask Stamp
Sasha Stamp
Igneot Stamp
Lord Kass Stamp
King Jazan Stamp
Holographic Magax Stamp
Need a Better Printer Stamp
Misprint Meuka Stamp
Holographic Virtupets Stamp
Holographic Coltzans Shrine Stamp
Misaligned Printer Stamp
Foil Slorg Stamp
Xantan Stamp
Inverted Space Faerie Stamp
Foil Food Shop Stamp
Dark Battle Duck Stamp
Double Printed Evil Fuzzle Stamp
Nibbled Cooking Pot Stamp
Upside Down Island Acara Stamp
Jhudoras Cloud Stamp
Quilin Stamp
Skeith Defender Stamp
Ready to Roll Stamp
One Hundred Million Neopoint Stamp
Grimtooth Stamp
Lab Ray Stamp

Magical Book Shop/a - a href
Bruces Guide to Combat Eating
A Chia Story
Super Secret Guide to the Defenders of Neopia Headquarters
A History of Chias
Illusens Diary
The Voodoo Techo
Beating Sloth
A Seasonal Pea
Ultimate Space Chronicles Set
Brain Trees Brainiac
Lenny Cookbook
Best Friends
Inside the Mind of Bob
Decoding a Coded Decoding Book
The Shadow Usul
Cures for Bad Breath
Olde Zafara
A Chia Halloween
Neopian Heroes
Inside the Gifts for your Enemies
Sophie, A Biography
Forbidden Zafara
Trigonometry Hyperbolics
Uni Myths
The Bad Skeith
The Magic Staff
Zafara Mystery Collection
Chomby Mysteries
Nimmo Battle Cry
Princess Vyssas Diary
Lenny Witchcraft
Chia Art History
Modern Lupe Magazine
The Island Of Kacheeks
The Happiest Day
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